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an ideas with forest 

We assist to growth a water resource forest around Kyoto. These forests are not intended for building houses - they are needed to improve water circulation and maintain water balance. Forests absorb rainwater, then moisture enters the soil, on the slopes it flows down and thus reaches streams, lakes, rivers, etc.


Water is the source of life, so it is difficult to overestimate its value. Cultivation of forest waters contributes to the regulation of moisture reserves, preserving and cleansing it, prevents the soil from drying out, enriches the earth. Our job is to maintain water balance for human life.


We carry out various forestry projects, take care of forests, give advice on forest management in Japan. And also we bring to your attention bath-tents. Perhaps we will have projects for Eurasia.


 For a water resource forest 

 Rent and sell a tent sauna 

 Other products 

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